10 December 2008


1977 a long time ago, when I was a student of Rangamati college in Chittagong hill tracts - i puffed a few fag ends out of fun- and finally i joined BMA in Aug 1981 and somehow i started again ; some how got myself embroiled into smoking and since then never really stopped smoking, a long time for one to smoke. my buddies for cigs were rahman, farid and attack and nafiz. i still remember when we 1st sat down in the toilet cum bath areas of mustafa company in BMA; it was after the 1st month and our friendship with each other;was still in introductory stage; hence, rahman still used to call me APNI - which still makes me laugh. i was an amateur smoker then but i don't know how that became a habit of a life time.
It has been such a joy that, finally i have been able to give up smoking and now that i don't smoke i guess i enjoy my spare time differently.
The fragrances can be smelled and i can smell the scent of a flower now.
but, why did i smoke for so long and why did i not give all these years ago.

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